Students' Thoughts

“Music should be a part of everyone’s life, and I’m proud to say I participated in making it that way.”

— Julianna, Grade 7

“That eight minutes changed my life and I will always remember how the girl made music and left with a smile on her face.”

— Victoria, Grade 8

“After the performance, we made a handshake, and I think I became his friend at that moment.”

— Brian, Grade 8

“After the event, I learned that everybody can cause a change and create an impact on someone. I finally understand the ‘US’ in music.”

— Cher, Grade 8

“I felt happy because I helped out a girl who probably needed some happiness in her life. I hope I can do it again.”

— Nina, Grade 7

“I was able to make a boy that doesn’t look like he smiles a lot, smile a bit.”

— Kimberly, Grade 8