Giving Bach with Your Group

The Audience "Walk-Through"

The audience “walk-through” is exactly what it sounds like—your audience follows a path through the orchestra as the music is being played.  This is a great way for your guests to see the instruments “in action” up close, and to hear what it sounds like to be a musician inside an orchestra!  The “walk-through” is most effective just after the various sections have demonstrated their instruments.

If possible, tape off a path through the orchestra ahead of time.  Arrows made out of three pieces of masking tape are sufficient, and should be placed every 8 feet or so.  A simple path weaving its way past each section is effective.  A sample path is pictured below.

Make sure the performers are aware of the route and adjust their chairs and stands to “clear the way” during this part of the program.  If possible, practice the walk-through ahead of time with the orchestra playing as your line leader walks through the group.  This is a good way to check if your path is clear and wide enough.

Appoint one of your students to lead the first guest and instruct the other guests to simply “follow-the-leader”.   The end of the path should lead each student back down their aisle to their original seat.  Guests can even be encouraged to “march” as they pass through the musicians.

Before the walk-through begins, caution your audience about not touching the instruments and walking (or marching) slowly and carefully.  Encourage them to watch and listen to all the instruments!

A march, or any “uptempo” piece works best for this activity.

Here is a typical path for an audience “walk-through”: