In this part of the concert, each type of instrument is featured.  The conductor or a student should explain the basics of the instrument before the section piece is played.  If you’d like, have one of your students play a brief solo before the section piece.  The featured section should stand if possible.  Bring your string basses “out front” for their feature!

Be sensitive to the length of the piece, and make cuts if you feel it is too long for your audience.  Make sure each featured section takes a bow, as a group, when they finish.

Suggested “Section Feature” Literature:



Fit as a Fiddle, (from Serendipity Suite) by Richard Meyer (Highland/Etling Publications)

Concerto in G Major (from the Concerto for Two Mandolins) by Vivaldi, arr. by LaJoie (Highland/Etling Publications)

The “Billy Tell” Overture by R. Meyer (Highland/Etling Publications)



Goblin Dance by Doug Spata (Highland/Etling Publications)

Sol-La Viola, (from Serendipity Suite) by R. Meyer

Viva Violas! by R.Meyer (Highland/Etling Publications)



Cellos Ole by R. Meyer (Highland/Etling Publications)

Cello Pudding (from Serendipity Suite) by R. Meyer

Cello Squadron by R. Meyer (Highland/Etling Publications)

String Bass

Bass-ically Bluegrass by Bob Phillips (Highland/Etling Publications)

Oasis for Basses (from Serendipity Suite) by R. Meyer

The Gentle Giant by Bob Phillips (Highland/Etling Publications)